API Overview


Welcome Developers,

The Wego API will enable you to build a customised travel search experience on your website or mobile application with almost all the features and functions of the Wego.com site. Get creative and use the API in lots of ways, not only travel search, to monetise your travel inventory.

Wego APIs

Wego Hotels API – Access real-time and historical information about locations, hotel details and hotel rates.

Wego Flights API – Access a real-time information about flight fares.


We charge an annual fee of USD 1000 for access to all Wego APIs. A test API key can be provided for trial (up to a maximum of 2 weeks) before the purchase.


Please make sure to read the full API Agreement. Some of the rules of using the API:

  • We require to maintain Search to Click ratio not less than 5%
  • You have to use the API to only facilitate travel search queries by real-end users (not bots)
  • Only Wego deep links to Wego's partners should be included in the search results.

Rate Limiting

Use of the Wego API is subject to rate limits. Limits apply to Search requests and don't apply to other requests (e.g pulling of search results).

The default limit is 500 calls per hour for a regular key (can be increased by request if you maintain Search to Click ratio 5%) and 50 calls per hour for a test key.

Note that rate limits can be decreased if you don't maintain Search to Click ratio 5%.

What the API is NOT

The Wego API doesn't support the shopping cart or e-commerce process either, but using the API you can take users to continue the booking process at one of our partners' sites.


How do I Obtain an API Key?

To obtain an API key please contact us at support@wan.travel and provide a name of your website/app and a description of what your website/app does.

If we approve your request, we'll send you a Test API key. (Note, you’ll need to create an account on http://wan.travel).

To transform your Test API key to a Regular API key:

1. Pay us the yearly setup fee 1000 USD (Please note that Paypal/Bank charges will be borne by the affiliate):

Paypal: finance@wego.com

Telegraphic Transfer:
Account Name: Wego Pte Ltd
Bank Name: DBS Bank
Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central @ MFC Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Account No.: 0003-032896-01-2
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

2. Send us the signed API Agreement together with the proof of payment.

Once our Finance Department has confirmed the receipt of the funds, we will then be able to set-up a Regular API key for you. Please note that once the payment is made, no refunds would be given. 


Check out this creative affiliates and the way they use Wego’s API:

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    Ray Waheed

    I guess you guys can take TurismoCity off the list of examples, they have now partnered with SkyScanner instead: https://partners.skyscanner.net/news-case-studies/turismocity.

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    Pranav Shah

    can you please provide examples of partner website using flights api

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    Dwi Pradito Wijayanto

    Hello Wego,

    I am trying to request Wego API through email, but there is no response. I need to get TEST API key and transform it to Regular API by making payment. But, can you explain for unresponsive support ?

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    Dwi Pradito Wijayanto

    Hi Wego,

    I have made payment to transform Trial API key (which I have received and tried) to Regular API Key. I have also made confirmation regarding Payment proof and API Agreement Statement through mail to finance@wego.com and support. However, it has been 6 days since I sent the confirmation. How long usually it takes to complete the process?

    Thanks Wego , please reply as further confirmation

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    sameh Alnajjar

    hi we would like to build our website travelroad.net
    could you send to me full offer for website , we already use now travelpayouts it just test also we own 3 web for test letsgto.com and sky-holiday.com