API Overview


Welcome Developers,

The Wego API will enable you to build a customised travel search experience on your website or mobile application with almost all the features and functions of the Wego.com site. Get creative and use the API in lots of ways, not only travel search, to monetise your travel inventory.

Wego APIs

Wego Hotels API – Access real-time and historical information about locations, hotel details and hotel rates.

Wego Flights API – Access a real-time information about flight fares.


We charge an annual fee of USD 1000 for access to all Wego APIs. A test API key can be provided for trial (up to a maximum of 2 weeks) before the purchase.


Please make sure to read the full API Agreement. Some of the rules of using the API:

  • We require to maintain Search to Click ratio not less than 5%
  • You have to use the API to only facilitate travel search queries by real-end users (not bots)
  • Only Wego deep links to Wego's partners should be included in the search results.

Rate Limiting

Use of the Wego API is subject to rate limits. Limits apply to Search requests and don't apply to other requests (e.g pulling of search results).

The default limit is 500 calls per hour for a regular key (can be increased by request if you maintain Search to Click ratio 5%) and 50 calls per hour for a test key.

Note that rate limits can be decreased if you don't maintain Search to Click ratio 5%.

What the API is NOT

The Wego API doesn't support the shopping cart or e-commerce process either, but using the API you can take users to continue the booking process at one of our partners' sites.


How do I Obtain an API Key?

To obtain an API key please contact us at support@wan.travel and provide a name of your website/app and a description of what your website/app does.

If we approve your request, we'll send you a Test API key. (Note, you’ll need to create an account on http://wan.travel).

To transform your Test API key to a Regular API key:

1. Pay us the yearly setup fee 1000 USD (Please note that Paypal/Bank charges will be borne by the affiliate):

Paypal: finance@wego.com

Telegraphic Transfer:
Account Name: Wego Pte Ltd
Bank Name: DBS Bank
Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central @ MFC Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Account No.: 0003-032896-01-2
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

2. Send us the signed API Agreement together with the proof of payment.

Once our Finance Department has confirmed the receipt of the funds, we will then be able to set-up a Regular API key for you. Please note that once the payment is made, no refunds would be given. 


Check out this creative affiliates and the way they use Wego’s API:

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    My developer working on a big travel website,it will be mostly rating content,i have just read that you have 1000 dollar fee yearly,but because this payment,do you have any test api ? that we see how thinks look on the site ?

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    WAN Support Team

    Hello Tuncaykececi,
    We can provide you a test API key to try it out for 2 weeks - contact us through email support@wan.travel.

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    Has the cost of your API increased. I paid $500 USD last year. Does this mean i have to pay $1000 USD to renew?

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hello Justin,
    Yes, we've increased the cost of API as we have invested in improving and maintaining it.
    We annually charge 1000 usd for an API key (new as well as renewed).

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    What is the process if we do not want to renew the api? The increase is too much for us. Would the api stop working once it hits the renewal period?

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    WAN Support Team

    Hello Justin,

    If you are not planning to renew the API, just let us know here or through email support@wan.travel, we'll stop your access.

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    Anton Komarow

    Please clearify more this term:
    Only Wego deep links to Wego's partners should be included in the search results.

    For example if we integrate Flights and Hotels API into our travel portal when user will be finalize reservation he will be redirected to WEGO?
    Or he can put his paymetn details and all operations can be done through the API?

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hi Anton,

    User will be redirected to Wego's travel providers' websites (e.g. Agoda.com, Booking.com, Expedia) through wego deeplinks. Example of a deeplink: http://www.wego.com.sg/hotels/continue/258101/6/1?search_id=23907148

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    Nope Lavanda

    Hello Natalya,

    How about commission fee? Can you explain to me.

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hi Nope Lavanda,

    Commission fee is the same regardless of implementation method (API, White Label, Search box or Text links). Please refer to the following link for commission information: http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200300485-Commission-Payment

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    Hi I need your api for my client's travels website. So let me know the exact process and your charges for the same. Can you provide some website which have taken your services.

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hi @devender,

    Please find my answers below.

    1. Q: ...let me know the exact process ...
      A: http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200300495#how-do-i-obtain-an-api-key

    2. Q: API charges
      A: http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200300495#price

    3. Q: Can you provide some website which have taken your services.
      A: http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200300495#examples

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    Amit Arora

    Hi @Natalya

    Thank you for the location file of the hotel API.

    We are still facing some problems with the request and response of the Hotel API. We are getting hardly one response from it when requesting the same around 10 - 12 times.

    For your reference, the response we are receiving from your servers is as follows :-

    {"location":"Mumbai","location_coordinates":[19.0809,73.0055],"total_count":0,"count":0,"filtered_count":0,"current_page":1,"per_page":20,"rates":{"min":{"price":0,"price_usd":0,"price_str":"0","currency_code":"USD"},"max":{"price":0,"price_usd":0,"price_str":"0","currency_code":"USD"}},"districts":[{"id":5392,"name":"Andheri / International Airport"},{"id":6085,"name":"Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)"},{"id":6084,"name":"Mumbai Central"},{"id":451,"name":"Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)"},{"id":6083,"name":"Andheri West"},{"id":448,"name":"Powai Lake"},{"id":446,"name":"Juhu Beach"},{"id":449,"name":"Fort - Churchgate - Nariman Point"},{"id":5393,"name":"Khar / Bandra / Kurla"},{"id":8377,"name":"Navi Mumbai"},{"id":452,"name":"Colaba"},{"id":447,"name":"Santa Cruz Domestic Airport (BOM)"},{"id":5394,"name":"Goregaon - Royal Palms"},{"id":5395,"name":"Marine Drive"},{"id":5397,"name":"Chembur"}],"is_done":false,"hotels":[]}

    I request you to kindly let us know if we need to make any changes in terms of our request from your server.

    At the same time, is there an option to get an image size of the hotels greater than 200 pixels.

    Thanks and Regards

    Amit Arora

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    WAN Support Team

    Hi Amit,

    Regarding to empty response, do you do a 10 seconds delay between a new search and the pulling of the search results? (http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200713154#api_search_search_id)

    Regarding to images, you can change image size in the url: http://0.omg.io/wego/image/upload/w_400,h_400,c_fill/v1395072268/hotels/40372/2743025.jpg.
    But note that the image might look not so good if you increase the size.

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    Narinder Singh

    Hi Natalya,

    In the Wego site, in the search results I see Hotel Reviews data provided by TrustYou for each hotel. Please let me know if I use Wego Hotels API, will I have access to this Hotel Reviews Data as well, do display along with search results on my site?

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hi Narinder,

    In the API we provide basic hotel review information (such as a number of reviews and a review score). For full review data we recommend to contact TrustYou directly:

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    lania Travel

    Is the Wego API we can get access to each airline to make the process of booking?
    I plan to make a plane ticket search system with system autobooking

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    @lania Travel

    The Wego API doesn't support the process of booking, but our partners do. So we redirect users to our partners websites (airlines and OTAs) to complete bookings.

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    Welly Mulia

    Hi Natalya

    I've read through the various knowledgebase articles. 1 question still remain:

    When we use the API method for our site, when our visitors search for flight info >> the results are displayed >> visitors proceed to book with one of the travel partners -- can we totally 100% hide the Wego brand so that all references are our site only ? Will there by any reference to the Wego brand that my visitors can see?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Avatar
    WAN Support Team

    Hi @Welly,

    Yes, you can hide the Wego brand: http://support.wan.travel/hc/en-us/articles/200191669#customized-handoff-page.
    Note that we don't provide customised handoffs in the Hotels API, but in Flights API only.

  • Avatar
    Welly Mulia

    That's awesome news! Thank you Natalya :)

  • Avatar
    Piotr Nowak


    What are the rules around logo API usage? It does not require API key and it's one of a few services we could find that provides access to airline logos so we're interested in using it on our site, but it's built on different set of API.

    Thanks for some clarification on this one

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    مسار السياحة

    Hi, how can use direct link from my website to hotels booking website without wego redirect?


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    Hi I need your api for my http://epictravelsource.com/ travels website.

  • Avatar

    following webpage we are developing in process its worked fine few week now its stop Display

    please give us what the problem?
    thanks and rgds

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    Hi Wigo,

    Thank you for your information. I want to buy your API. If you send any demo version it will be to me.
    please send me a demo.

    Epic Travels Source

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    Hello Wigo, How can I get API key for Mobile apps? Kind regards.
  • Avatar

    Hello Wigo ,
    i want to buy your api for hotel and flight booking. please let me know  how  to buy your api .
    please reply me, my mail-id monikaarora1990@gmail.com

    Edited by Monika
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    Do I have to include my own checkout? or that is handled by wego and associates?

  • Avatar

    Hi i'm interested to use your API for my travel site here http://www.travelpedias.com , can i have my own payment choice if i use this api?