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How do I earn the commission?

We pay commission on "Exit clicks" generated through your affiliate links. Exit clicks are counted when the visitors you refer search for flights or hotels on Wego’s websites (or Wego tools embedded into your website, including Search box, Links, White Label and API), and they then select and click those results which are redirected to one of Wego’s travel providers (e.g.,, and so on).

We don't pay per bookings, but per Exit clicks!

The benefits of this concept are that commission is still paid even if a visitor doesn’t make an actual purchase or booking. However, note that we monitor the exit click to booking ratio at our partners coming from your traffic. If the ratio is not satisfactory we will deduct your rev-share or cancel your account all together.

How much do I earn from each Exit click?

The value of each exit click varies depending on:

  • Product (hotels or flights): Hotels tend to pay more than Flights.
  • Travel provider to which the visitor has clicked on.
  • User's country.
  • Historical conversion rate of Affiliate's Exit clicks to bookings on the partner's websites.

Most affiliates earn 0.05-0.40 USD per flight exit click and 0.20-0.80 USD per hotel exit click.

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid between the 15th and 20th of every month for earnings generated in the month before previous month, unless the threshold amount (USD 100 for PayPal / USD 500 for Bank wire) is not reached. You can get payment via PayPal or bank wire, just be sure to enter all the required information for your chosen payment type.

Example: Let's assume that you earned $30 for Jan, $40 for Feb and $90 for Mar, and you selected PayPal as a payment type. You'll get paid by $160 from 15 to 20 May.

How does Wego track the ‘Exit clicks’ generated from my website?

Once you have registered to the Wego Affiliate Network not only will you be given access to our creatives, links and widgets but also our reporting system where the number of flight clicks and hotel clicks that your site has generated, are clearly displayed.

Wego provides you with a unique tracking code (ts_code) for every banner, search box, widget or text link. You can also select any page on the Wego website and link to it by appending the tracking code to the URL. Your tracking code will be provided to you upon registration and we can then track each generated click and how much revenue you earn. Our 30 day cookie period ensures that all return visits are also tracked.

Note, that our reports are updated once a day for a previous day.

Will I get paid if a visitor clicks on a banner or widget?

No, based on the above Wego will credit you with commission on an "Exit click" (clicks on Wego’s search results) but not when a visitor clicks on an affiliate creative or widget on your website.

Will I receive credit by clicking on my own ads?

Definitely not, we take click fraud very seriously and have measures in place to monitor such practices.

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