Implementation Methods


Banner Ads

We offer flights, hotels and deals banner ads in a variety of sizes and languages. To download banners, please follow this link.


Text Links

Text Links are links to specific pages on the Wego website. You can generate flights and hotel links to or any of Wego countries websites as well. For example, Text Links can be placed anywhere within your website(s) to generate traffic.

To generate Text Links, please navigate to the Creatives / Text Links section in the Affiliate Portal. You can also generate links manually, just be sure that your links have all required parameter so we can track your commission.

Text Links Example:

Text Links Parameters:

  • ts_code (required) – this is your affiliate ID (you can get you affiliate ID in Resources / Text Links section in the Affiliate Portal)
  • sub_id (optional) – this is where you place text link (for example, sidebar, footer and so on)
  • utm_source (optional) – this is your affiliate ID
  • utm_medium (optional) – this parameter Wego uses for additional tracking, it has to be "affiliate"
  • utm_campaign (optional) – this parameter Wego uses for additional tracking, it has to be "WAN_Affiliate"
  • utm_content (optional) – this parameter Wego uses for additional tracking, it has to be "text_link".

Search Boxes

We provide our affiliates with a customizable search boxes for Hotels and Flights in 15 languages. To get the search box code please navigate to the Search Boxes section on the Affiliate Portal.


We’re happy to provide you with a non-branded white label option for Hotels and Flights (read more). To set up the Whitelabel please navigate to the Resources / Whitelabel section on the Affiliate portal.



If you have a development team, the WAN API will enable them to build a completely customized travel search product. We annually charge USD 1000 for an API key. API is available on application. Note that we do not provide API key for datamining purposes.

You can get the additional information here.


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