Tracking & Reporting


How do I track my earnings ?

Once you have registered to the Wego Affiliate Network not only will you be given access to our creatives, links and widgets but also our reporting system where the number of flight clicks, conversions, hotel clicks and deal clicks that your site has generated, are clearly displayed.

How does Wego track the ‘conversions or exit clicks’ generated from my website?

Wego provides you with a unique tracking code (ts_code) for every banner, search box, widget or text link. You can also select any page on the Wego website and link to it by appending the tracking code to the URL. Your tracking code will be provided to you upon registration and we can then track each generated click, conversions and how much revenue you earn. Our 30 day cookie period ensures that all return visits are also tracked.

Will I receive credit by clicking on my own ads?

Definitely not, we take click fraud very seriously and have measures in place to monitor such practices.

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    Ahmed Elakkad

    Hi Natalya,

    Is there any way to know or define from where the booking comes ? for example if the booking made from Egypt or other country ? that be shown in the report ?


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    WAN Support Team

    Hi @Ahmed,

    We don't provide such detalization, sorry.